Al-Muraja'at A Shi'i-Sunni dialogue

A Shi'i-Sunni dialogue
(also known as 'The Right Path')


Sayyid 'Abd al-Husayn Sharaf al-Din al-Musawi
Translated from the Arabic by
Yasin T. al-Jibouri Published in May 1994 by the
Imam Husayn (a.s.) Islamic Foundation
Beirut, Lebanon

Author's Biography

Introduction and Foreword

Letter 1

I Greeting the Debater,

II Asking Permission to Debate.

Letter 2

I Greetings Reciprocated,

II Permission to Debate Granted.

Letter 3

I Why do Shi`as not Uphold the Majority's Sects?

II The Need for Unity,

III Unity Achieved Only by Adhering to the Majority's Sects.

Letter 4

I Juristic Proofs Mandate Adherence to the Sectof Ahl al­Bayt,

II There is No Proof for Mandating Adherence tothe Majority's Sects,

III Generations of The First Three Centuries Never Knew Those Sects,

IV Possibility of Ijtihad,

V Unity can be Achieved by Respecting Ahl al­Bayt's Sect.

Letter 5

I Admitting Our Argument,

II Asking for Detailed Proofs.

Letter 6

I References to Proofs Mandating Following the`Itra,

II The Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) Invites toAhl al­Bayt's Sect,

III Relevant Statement of Imam Zainul­`Abidin.

Letter 7

I Requesting Proofs from Statements by Allah and His Messenger,

II Proofs from Ahl al­Bayt are Circumventive.

Letter 8

I Overlooking Our Previous Statements,

II Error in Necessity of (Logical) Cycle,

III Hadith of the Two Weighty Things,

IV Its Tawatur,

V Non­Adherents to the `Itra Shall Stray,

VI Their Similitude to the ark of Noah, the Gateof Salvation,

and the Security Against Religious Dissensions,

VII What is Meant by "Ahl al­Bayt" in this Regard,

VIII Reasons for Similitude to Noah's Ark and theGate of Salvation.

Letter 9

Requesting More Relevant Texts

Letter 10

A Glimpse of Sufficient Texts

Letter 11

I Admiring Our Clear Texts,

II Wondering at Compromising Them With the Majority's Beliefs,

III Asking for Clear Signs from the Book. A Glimpse of Sufficient Texts

Letter 12

Qur'anic Proofs

Letter 13

Argument Regarding These Traditions Weak

Letter 14

I Fallacy of Opponent's Argument,

II Opponents do not Know Shi`as,

III Distinction of Emphasizing Illegality ofFalsifying Hadith.

Letter 15

I A Flash of the Truth,

II Requesting Details on Sunnis Relying on Shi`a Authorities.

Letter 16

A Hundred Shi`a Authorities Relied upon bySunnis

Letter 17

I Appreciating the debater's sentiments,

II Admitting There is no Objection if Ahlel-Sunnah Rely on Shi`a Authorities,

III His belief in the Miracles of Ahl al-Bayt,

IV Dilemma at Compromising the Above with what Ahl Al-Qibla do.

Letter 18

I Sentiments Reciprocated,

II Debater's Error in Generalizing Regarding Ahl al-Qibla,

III The Nation's Politicians are the Ones Who Turned Away from Ahl al-Bayt,

IV The Imams of Ahl al-Bayt (without anyargument) are not Inferior to others,

V Which Fair Court Judges Calling Their Followers "Strayers"?

Letter 19

I No Fair Arbitrator Would Call Followers of Ahl al-Bayt Strayers,

II Following Their Sects is Carrying out the Responsibility,

III It Could be Said that They Have the Priority toLead,

IV Requesting Texts Relevant to the Khilafate.

Letter 20

I A General Reference to the Texts,

II A Reference to the House on the Day ofWarning,

III Sunni Reporters of this Hadith.

Letter 21

Raising Doubts about the Hadith's Authenticity

Letter 22

I Proving the Text's Authenticity,

II Why the Shaykhs Have Not Reported it,

III Whoever Knows These Shaykhs Knows Why.

Letter 23

I Convinced of the Authenticity of this Hadith,

II Unreliability Based on Non-Sequential Narration,

III Its Reference to Restricted Succession,

IV Its Rebuttal.

Letter 24

I Why Relying on this Hadith,

II Restricted Succession is Unanimously Rejected,

III Revocation is Impossible.

Letter 25

I His Belief in the Text,

II Requesting More Texts.

Letter 26

I Clear Texts Recounting Ten of `Ali's ExclusiveMerits,

II Why Rely Upon it.

Letter 27

Raising Doubts About the Status Hadith

Letter 28

I The Status Hadith Stands on Most Solid Grounds,

II Binding Proofs,

III Its Sunni Narrators,

IV Why al-Amidi Suspects It.

Letter 29

I Believing in Our Arguments Regarding theHadith's Sanad,

II Doubting its General Application,

III Doubting its being Binding.

Letter 30

I Arabs Regard it General,

II Disproving Claim of Restriction,

III Disproving its Non-Binding Application

Letter 31

Requesting Sources of this Hadith

Letter 32

I Among Its Sources: the Prophet's Visit to UmmSalim,

II The Case of Hamzah's Daughter,

III Leaning on `Ali,

IV The First Fraternity,

V The Second Fraternity,

VI Closing the Doors,

VII The Prophet Comparing `Ali and Aaron to the Two Stars

Letter 33

When was `Ali and Aaron Described as the Two Stars?

Letter 34

I The Occasion of Shabar, Shubayr, and Mushbir,

II The Occasion of Fraternity,

III The Occasion of Closing the Doors.

Letter 35

Requesting Other Texts

Letter 36

I Hadith by Ibn `Abbas,

II `Umran's Hadith,

III Buraydah's Hadith,

IV Hadith Recounting Ten Exclusive Attributesof `Ali,

V `Ali's Hadith,

VI Wahab's Hadith,

VII Ibn Abu `Asim's Hadith.

Letter 37

"Wali" is a Linguistic Denominator; so, Where is the Text?

Letter 38

I Explaining the Implications of "Wali"

II Proving its Connotation

Letter 39

Requesting the Wilayat Verse

Letter 40

I The Verse of Wilayat and its Revelation in `Ali's


II Why it was Revealed,

III Why Using it as a Testimonial.

Letter 41

"Mumins" is Plural; Why Apply it to the Singular?

Letter 42

I Arabs Address the Singular Using the PluralForm,

II Testimonials,

III Quoting Imam al-Tibrisi,

IV Quoting al-Zamakhshari,

V What I have Stated.

Letter 43

Context Denotes "the Loved one," or the Like.

Letter 44

I Context is not Indicative of "Supporter," or theLike,

II Context does not Outweigh the Proofs.

Letter 45

Resorting to Interpretation, Following in the Footsteps of the Predecessors, is Unavoidable.

Letter 46

I Believing in the Ancestors does not RequireInterpretation

II Interpretation is Impossible

Letter 47

Requesting Testimonial Traditions

Letter 48

Forty Ahadith Supporting the Texts

Letter 49

I Admitting `Ali's Merits,

II Such Merits do not Necessitate his Caliphate.

Letter 50

Why Interpret Texts on His Behalf as Indicative of His Imamate

Letter 51

Rebutting the Arguments Through Similar Ones

Letter 52

Rejecting the Rebuttal's Premises

Letter 53

Requesting the Hadith Pertaining to the GhadirIncident

Letter 54

Glitters of Ahadith Relevant to the GhadirIncident

Letter 55

Why Use it as a Testimonial if not Transmitted Consecutively?

Letter 56

I Natural Laws Necessitate the Consecutive Reporting of Hadith al-Ghadir

II The Almighty's Benevolence

III Concern of the Messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h.)

IV Concern of the Commander of the Faithful

V al-Husain's Concern

VI Concern of the Nine Imams (a.s.)

VII Shi`as' Concern

Letter 57

I Interpreting Hadith al­Ghadir

II The Link

Letter 58

I Hadith al­Ghadir Cannot be Interpreted,

II Pretext for its Interpretation is Speculative andMisleading.

Letter 59

I Truth Manifests,

II Evasion.

Letter 60

Evasion Refuted

Letter 61

Requesting Texts Narrated by Shi`a Sources

Letter 62

Forty Ahadith

Letter 63

I Shi`a Texts Rejected as Testimonials,

II Why Have Others Refrained from QuotingThem?

III Asking for More Texts.

Letter 64

I Above Texts were Quoted upon Request,

II Sahihs are Proofs against the Majority,

III Not Quoted Because of Their Existence in Our Own Sahihs.

Letter 65

Requesting the Ahadith Relevant to theInheritance

Letter 66

`Ali is the Prophet's Heir

Letter 67

Where is the Prophet's Will?

Letter 68

The Will's Texts

Letter 69

Argument of the Will's Deniers

Letter 70

I The Will Cannot be Repudiated,

II Why Denied,

III Deniers' Arguments not Binding,

IV Reason and Intellect Require it.

Letter 71

Why Reject the Hadith of the Mother of Believers and the best Among the Prophet's Consorts?

Letter 72

I She Was Not the Best of the Prophet's Consorts,

II The Best is Khadija,

III A General Hint to the Reason Why her Hadithwas Discarded.

Letter 73

Requesting an Explanation to our Rejection of`Ayesha's Hadith

Letter 74

I Explaining Why We Reject her Hadith,

II Reason Confirms the Will,

III Her Claim that the Prophet Died on Her Chest is Refuted.

Letter 75

I Mother of the Believers is not Ruled by Emotions,

II The Pleasant and the Ugly are Denied byReason,

III Why Oppose the Claim of the Mother of Believers?

Letter 76

I Her Yielding to Sentiment,

II Rationale Regarding the Pleasant and theUnpleasant,

III Rejecting the Claim of the Mother of Believers,

IV Preference of Umm Salamah's Hadith overHers.

Letter 77

Why Prefer Umm Salamah's Hadith to`Ayesha's?

Letter 78

More Reasons for Preferring Umm Salamah'sHadith

Letter 79

Consensus Endorses al-Siddiq's Caliphate

Letter 80

No Consensus

Letter 81

Consensus Concluded When Dispute Dissipated.

Letter 82

Consensus Was Not Concluded; Dissension Did Not Dissipate

Letter 83

Can You Compromise the Text's Accuracy With the Companions' Truthfulness?

Letter 84

I Compromising the Text's Accuracy With TheirTruthfulness,

II Rationalizing the Imam's Reluctance to Demand his Right.

Letter 85

Requesting Narration of Incidents Wherein TheyDid Not Follow the Texts of Hadith

Letter 86

I Thursday's Calamity,

II The Reason Why the Prophet Repealed HisOrder Then.

Letter 87

Justifying and Discussing the Calamity

Letter 88

Pretexts Refuted

Letter 89

I Admitting the Falsehood of Such Pretexts,

II Requesting Narration of Other Incidents.

Letter 90

Usamah's Regiment

Letter 91

I Justifying Their Behaviour Towards Usamah'sRegiment,

II No Hadith Curses its Draft Dodgers.

Letter 92

I Their Pretexts do not Contradict our Statement,

II Al-Shahristani's Hadith is Documented.

Letter 93

Requesting Narration of Other Incidents

Letter 94

His Order (p.b.u.h.) to Kill the Renegade

Letter 95

Justifying not Killing the Renegade

Letter 96

Justification Rejected

Letter 97

Requesting Narration of all Such Incidents

Letter 98

I Glittering Proofs,

II Reference to Other Incidents.

Letter 99

I Their Preference of the Common Interest inThose Instances,

II Requesting the Rest.

Letter 100

I The Debater Digresses from the Subject-Matter,

II Responding to His Request.

Letter 101

Why didn't the Imam Cite the Ahadith of Caliphate and Wisayat on the Saqifa Day?

Letter 102

I Why the Imam Abstained on the Saqifa Day from Citing Such Texts,

II Reference to his and his Followers' ArgumentsDespite Obstacles.

Letter 103

Looking for His and His Followers' Arguments

Letter 104

I A Few Incidents When the Imam Argued,

II The Argument of al-Zahra' (a.s.).

Letter 105

Requesting Narration of Other Such Incidents

Letter 106

I Ibn `Abbas's Argument,

II Arguments of al-Hasan and al-Husayn,

III Arguments of Prominant Shi`ah Sahabah,

IV Reference to their Applying the Will as anArgument.

Letter 107

When did they Mention the Will?

Letter 108

The Recommendation as Evidence

Letter 109

Why do Some Fanatics Question the Derivationof the Shi`a School of Muslim Law from the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.)?

Letter 110

I Shi`ah Faith is Sequentially Derived from the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt,

II Advancement of Shi`ahs in Recording Knowledge During the Sahabah's Epoch,

III Their Authors Contemporary to the Tabi`in, and the Latter's Followers.

Letter 111


Letter 112