A Bundle of Flowers
from th e garden of traditions of the prophet & Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.)

Compiler: Ayatullah Sayyid Kamal Faghih Imani
Translator: Mr. Sayyid `Abbas Sadr-ameli
Editor: Ms. Celeste Smith
Published by: The Scientific and Religious Research Center Amir-ul-Mu'mineen Ali (a.s.)
Public Library, under the direction of Ayatullah Allameh Mujahid Al-Haj Sayyid Kamal Faghih Imani.
First Edition: 1997 A.D., 1376/ 1418 A.H.
Fifteenth Edition: 2006 A.D., 1385/ 1427 A.H.

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Transliteration Table 004-004
Introduction 005-007
Preface 008-016
The Opening Tradition 007-018
Knowing Allah, His Greatness and His Grace 019-022
Prayer and Its Effects 023-030
Midnight Prayers 031-033
Faith in Allah and Attaining his Pleasure 034-035
Piety and Its Necessity in a Muslim 036-041
Invocation 042-047
Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) 048-051
The Love of Ahlul-Bayt 052-053
The Acceptable Characteristics 054-059
The Real Followers of Ahlul-Bayt and Their Qualities 060-062
Sin and Its Effects 063-067
Knowledge and Its Value 068-071
Knowledge and the Virtue of Learning It 072-074
Knowledge and the Virtue of Teaching It 075-076
The Excellence and Importance of Scholars 077-081
Being Attentive to the Hereafter 082-083
Repentance 084-086
Protecting the Honour of Believers 087-088
Righteous Deeds 089-090
Injustice and Transgression 091-093
The Rights of Fellow Muslims 094-097
Greetings 098-099
Enjoining Right and Forbidding Wrong 100-107
The Tongue and Its Evils 108-109
Backbiting and Faultfinding 110-112
Telling Lies 113-115
Companions & Friendship 116-119
Immoral Friends 120-122
Serving People 123-125
Giving Loan 126-126
Helping the Needy 127-128
Donation & Pleasing The Believers 129-130
Charity and Alms 131-133
Regard for Kinship 134-135
Kindness to Parents 136-138
The Rights of Children 139-142
Suckling 143-144
Marriage, a Great Worship 145-146
Encouragement for Marriage 147-148
Marriage Is the Key to Divine Mercy and a Good Temper 149-150
Hasten to Marry 151-152
Intercession and Help in Lawful Marriage 153-155
Wife and Her Dower 156-157
Dower: The Less the Better 158-159
Marriage with Regard to Faith and Honesty 160-161
Man's Intention in Marriage 162-164
Earning a Livelihood 165-166
Wives and Good Treatment to Their Husbands 167-170
Honour Your Wives 171-173
Wife And Pleasing Her Husband 174-176
Admirable Qualities of Wives 177-180
Divorce and Its Effects 181-183
Lowering the Gaze and Guarding the Modesty 184-185
Women and Ornamentation 186-187
Fornication and Its Harmful Effects 188-190
Hygiene in Islam 191-193
Business and Social Relationships 194-195
Fraud in Bargain 196-197
Lusts 198-200
Worldly Possessions and Greedily Compiling Wealth 201-202
This Fleeting World, Its Attractiveness and Poison 203-204
The Neglectful Slaves of this Deceitful World 205-205
Greed and Futile Hopes*** 206-207
Arrogance and Pride 208-209
Moderation in Economic Affairs 210-211
Consultation 212-213
Activity and Idleness 214-215
Martyrs and Martyrdom 216-217
The Expected Mahdi [a] and His Government of Justice 218-226
The Muslim Ummah at the End of the Time 227-229
Lifetime Should Be Well Spent 230-231
Religion and Studying Its Affairs 232-233
Good Temper and Its Good Results 234-236
The Disadvantages of Anger and an Ill Temper 237-238
Asking for Divine Pardon 239-240
Congregation Prayer 241-245
Supplication 246-250
A Gift from Fatimah, the prophet's Daughter (p.b.u.h.) 251-251
The Ercommendations of Fatimah, the Prophet's Daughter (p.b.u.h.) to people 252-262
References Material and Tradition Sources 263-265
Supporting Technical References 266-280