Converts to Islam

Compiler: Zaynab

O Light Of Those Who Are Lonely In The Darkness
An Inspirational Collection of Conversion Stories To Islam

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum
First Edition 1425 -2005 - 1384
Thamin Al-a'immah Press
Quantity: 2000
Number of Pages: 264
Size: 143 x 205 mm
ISBN: 964-438-644-2


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Islamic Republic of  Iran
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This compilation is dedicated to Ashok Hussain.
He inspired others to the true path even from a far.
Greatly loved and missed by many, but still alive in our hearts always.

Please recite Sura-e-Fateha


Preface 9
James “Jihad” Farrell 21
Native American Muslim 31
Dr. Bilal Abdul-Alim 33
Jameka Neil 35
James / Jamal Lutfi 39
When I Found Islam I Knew It Was The ‘Last Stop’ 42
Saabirah Abdulhayy 50
Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D. / Sister Penomee 59
Sister Jan Jackson 64
Sister Hayam 71
My Body Started To Tremble With Fear And Tears Were Flowing 74
Yusuf Abdullah [Joseph Zammit] 77
Abdul-Lateef Abdullah (Steven Krauss) 81
Sister Mardiyyah 88
Khayreyah Bint Tom Sawyer 94
Raja Ferrell 97
Fa’izah Jauharah 99
Abdullah Islam (Formerly ‘Kevin Combes’ Was A Born Again Christian) 105
Jannah 112
Latifah Abdullah 116
Abdullah J. Armada 118
How Simple... And Simply Beautiful 121
Karima 131
Shezreen Mubarak 134
Maryam 136
Ibrahim 139
From Ignorance To Islam 145
Heather Olmstead 148
Brother Yahya 153
Brother Mubarak 168
Islam And Me 171
It Filled Me With Peace And Happiness 177
J. Scott Lynch “Saeed Muhammad” 180
Khadijah Jones 188
Antoinette Azim 191
Brother Yusuf 197
Abdur Rahman (Formerly ‘Stewart Humes’ Australian Aboriginal) 199
Brother Yusuf Estes 203
Brother Ahmad 217
Dennis Wayne, Brother Hasan 224
Ali Molina 229
Suddenly All The Pieces Of This Puzzle Were Fitting 233
Sister Susannah 235
Brother Khalil 239
Anisah Georgia Liliou 242
My Conversion Unto Him Aaron Haroon Sellars 254
Chad M. Snyder 262