Sulh al-Hasan
The Peace Treaty of al-Hasan

by: Shaykh Radi Al-Yasin
Translated by: Jasim al-Rasheed
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Publisher's Preface


Author's Preface

Chapter 1: Imam Al-Hasan (Peace Be On Him)

Chapter 2: Before The Pledge Of Allegiance

Chapter 3: The Pledge Of Allegiance

Chapter 4: Kufa During The Days Of The Pledge Of Allegiance

Chapter 5: Determination To Wage War

Chapter 6: Jihad And Leadership

Chapter 7: The Number Of The Army

Chapter 8: The Members Of The Army

Chapter 9: 'Ubayd Allah Ibn 'Abbas

Chapter 10: The Beginning Of The End

Chapter 11: Attitude Towards Confusion

Chapter 12: Between The Doctrine And Supreme Authority

Chapter 13: Sacrifice

Chapter 14: Secret Of The Attitude

Chapter 15: The Motives Of The Two Parties For Making Peace

Chapter 16: Peace Treaty

Chapter 17: Prominent Texts In The Peace Treaty

Chapter 18: Meeting In Kufa

Chapter 19: New Field

Chapter 20: Fulfilling The Stipulations

Chapter 21: Mu'awiya And The Shi'a Of 'Ali,Peace Be On Him

Chapter 22: Conclusion

Chapter 23: Comparison Between The Conditions Of Al- Hasan And The Conditions Of Al- Husayn