The life of Imām Zayn al Abidin (A.S.)

Bāqir Sharif al-Qarashi

Translated by
Jāsim al-Rasheed









Her Psychological Traits

Reports of her Marriage

A. At the Time of 'Umar

B. At the Time of 'Uthman

C. At the Time of the Caliphate of the Commander of the Faithful

Checking the Reports

Irregular Ideas

Her Holy Name

The Holy Relationship

Pre-Islamic Beliefs

Imam 'Ali took care of Her

Al-Husayn took care of Her

The Historians praised Her

A. Al-Mubarrad

B. Ibn Shadqam

C. Al-Kunji



The Rites of his Birth

The Place of his Birth

The Time of his Birth

His Name

Ibn Taymiya

His Kunya

His Nick Names

1. Zayn al-'Abidin

2. Sayyid al-'Abidin

3. Dhu al-Thafanat

4. Al-Sajjad

5. Al-Zaki

6. Al-Amin

7. Ibn al-Khiyaratayn

The Death of his Mother

His Nursemaid

His Physical Qualities

His Solemnity

The Inscription of his Ring


His Childhood

His Behavior

His Behavior in his House

His Kindness to his Nursemaid

A Fabricated Narration

His Behavior toward his Parents

His Supplication for his Parents

His Behavior toward his Children

His Commandments to his Children


His Supplication for his Children

His Behavior toward his Retainers

His Behavior toward his Neighbors

His Supplication for his Neighbors

His Behavior toward his Friends

His Behavior toward his Shi'ites

A Fabricated Narration

His enjoining the Shi'ites to practice

Precautionary Dissimulation

His Asking Forgiveness for

the Shi'ite Sinners

His Behavior toward his Enemies




Glory and Self-esteem


His Unselfish Nature

Kindness to People


Mohammed b. Usama

His giving Food to the People

His Maintaining a Hundred Families

His Kindness to the Poor

A. His Honoring the Poor

B. His Kindness to the Poor

His Preventing the People from

Reproaching Beggars

His Alms

A. He gave his Garments as Alms

B. He gave as Alms what He loved


C. Dividing his Properties

His Giving Charity in Secret

His Seeking Allah's Pleasure

Renouncing Worldly Pleasures

With the Sufis

He Hated Playing

His Turning to Allah in Repentance

Wonderful Examples of his Turning

in Repentance to Allah

1. His Seeking Asylum with Allah

2. His Fleeing to Allah

3. His Seeking Needs from Allah

4. His Pleading and Humbleness to Allah

5. His Humbling himself before Allah


The Meaning of the Imamate

The Necessity of the Imamate

The Prophet and the Imamate

The high Position of the Imams

Referring to the Imams is obligatory

Obeying the Imam is obligatory

The Infallibility of the Imam

His Imamate

His Textual Imamate

The Imamate in his Time

The Imamate of Mohammed bin al-Hanafiya

Imam Zayn al-'Abidin with Mohammed b. al-Hanafiya

Al-Kabuli returns to the Truth

Some Signs of his Imamate

1. His Telling of the Martyrdom of Zayd

2. His Telling about the Government of 'Umar b. 'Abd al-'Aziz

3. His Telling about the Government of the Abbasides



he Views of his Contemporaries

1. Jabir al-Ansari

2. 'Abd Allah b. 'Abbas

3. Al-Zuhri

4. Sa'id bin al-Musayyab

5. Zayd bin Aslam

6. Hammad bin Zayd

7. Yahya bin Sa'id

8. Malik

9. Abu Bakr bin al-Barqi

10. Abu Zar'a

11. Abu Hazim

12. Abu Hatam al-A'raji

13. Abu Hamza al-Thumali

14. Imam al-Sadiq

15. 'Umar bin 'Abd al-'Aziz

16. Yazid bin Mu'awiya

17. 'Abd al-Malik bin Marwan

18. Mansur al-Dawaniqi

19. Al-Farazdaq

20. Al-Himyari

21. Ibn Shahab

22. Ibn Zayd

The Historians

1. Ibn 'Asakir

2. Ibn Sa'd

3. Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani

4. Ibn Hajar al-Haythami

5. Al-Dhahabi

6. Abu al-Fath

7. Abu Na'eem


8. Al-Ya'qubi

9. Al-Waqidi

10. Safi al-Din

11. Al-Nawawi

12. 'Imad al-Din

13. Ibn 'Anba

14. Shaykh al-Mufeed

15. Al-Jahiz

16. Al-Sharawi

17. Al-Qulaybi

18. Ibn Taymiya

19. Al-Shaykhani

20. Ibn Khullakan

21. Ibn Shaddqam

22. Al-Manofi

23. Abu al-Futuh

24. Al-Manawi

25. Mohammed bin Tallha

26. Mohammed bin Sa'id

27. Al-Sayyid 'Abbas

28. Al-Sayyid Mohsin

29. Al-Nuwayri

30. Al-Shafi'i

31. 'Ali bin 'Isa al-Arbali

32. Al-Bustani

33. Wajjdi

34. Agha Buzurg

35. Ibn al-Jawzi

36. Tajj al-Din

37. 'Arif Tamir

38. Al-Zarkali

39. Ahmed Mahmud Subhi

40. Ahmed Fahmi

41. Husayn 'Ali Mahfuz


Important Points


On the Plateau of Karbala'

Imam al-Husayn announced his Death

The Day of 'Asura'

Imam al-Husayn's Sermon

The Battle

The Martyrdom of the Righteous

Imam al-Husayn sought Help

Martyrdom of the great Imam

Setting the Tents to Fire

The Attack against Zayn al-'Abidin

Imam Zayn al-'Abidin became Impatient

His Burying the Pure Corpses

The Captives of the Household taken to Kufa

Imam Zayn al-'Abidin delivers a Speech

The Tyrant with Imam Zayn al-'Abidin

A Kufan Kidnaps the Imam

The Captives of the Household taken to Damascus

A Syrian with Zayn al-'Abidin

Imam Zayn al-'Abidin in the Assembly of Yazid

Imam Zayn al-'Abidin delivers a Sermon

The Imam with al-Minhal

The Tyrannical apologizes to the Imam

A Scholar asks about the Imam

The Imam with Yazid

The Journey to Medina

Bishr announced the Death of Imam al-Husayn

Imam Zayn al-'Abidin delivers a Speech

Imam Zayn al-'Abidin's Grief

His Paying the Debts which his Father owed

His Kindness to the Family of 'Aqil


His Staying in Medina 165 CHAPTER VIII - HIS WORSHIP

is Ritual Ablution

His Prayer

Perfuming his Garments

His Garments during his Prayer

His Humbleness during his Prayer

A one thousand Ruk'a Prayer

His Performing the Superfluous Prayer (nawafil)

His Abundant Prostration (in prayer)

His Abundant Glorification

His Performing the Night Prayer frequently

His Supplication after the Night Prayer

His Frailty and Weakness

1. One of his Sons

2. Jabir al-Ansari

'Abd al-Malik

His Fast

In the Month of Ramadan

His Supplication for seeing the Crescent of the Month Ramadan

His good Acts in the Month of Ramadan

A. Giving Food

B. His Freeing Salves

His Supplication in the Early Morning

His Supplication in Bidding Farewell to the Month of Ramadan

1. The Generosity of Allah

2. The Pardon and Punishment of Allah

3. The Decree of Allah

4. His Gratitude to those who thank Him

5. His Covering the Servants

On the Day of Fast-Breaking


His Hajj

His Hajj on Foot

His Hajj Riding

The Reciters accompany Him

His Food for the Hajj

His Disorder during Ritual Consecration

His Supplication by the Black Stone

His Prayer under the mizab

With Hisham b. 'Abd al-Malik

Abu al-Farajj doubts the Poem

Al-Farazdaq is arrested

His Whispered Prayers in the Sacred House

With a Man circumambulating the Kaaba

The Imam blamed those who begged on the Day of 'Arafa

His Freeing the Slaves on the Day of 'Arafat

His Supplication on the Day of 'Arafa

On the Day of 'Id al-Addha (Sacrifice)


The Hadith (Tradition)

His Narrations on the Authority of the Prophet

His Narrations on the Authority of the Commander of the Faithful

In the Fields of the Qur'an

His Fondness of the Qur'an

His Reciting the Qur'an

His Reflecting on the Qur'an

His Supplication upon Completing

a Reading of the Qur'an

Examples of his Interpretations


The Parts of Fast

Bringing together Sunset and Night Prayers


Intention Obligatory in the Acts of Worship

Crossing Arms in Prayer Impermissible

Purchasing Slave Girl as Singer

Punishment for Committing Fornication with Sister

Theological Researches

Allah's Decree and Determination

Allah is Light

His Wonder at the Doubters in Allah

It is Impossible to define Allah by any Finite Thing


His Sermons

His Wise Sayings and Teachings

Dispraising Haughtiness

From their Safe Place, the Careful are surprised.

Warning against Disputes

Rejoicing over Sins

Kinds of Sin

The Reality of Death

The Most Important Degrees of Asceticism

The Best Deeds in the View of Allah

Recognizing Justice

The Qualities of Hypocrites and Believers

Some excellent Pieces of Advice

Help and Beneficence

Tightening the Bonds of Kin

Love for the Sake of Allah

Supplication for Believers

Repayment of the Virtuous

Summons to Religion

Warning against some Unlawful Things

Warning against Craving

Showing Gratitude toward Good-doer


Enjoining the Good

Speech is better than Silence

The Happiness of Man

Mutual Teachings among Religions

Noble Traits

The Qualities of a Believer

Good Words

The Classes of Men


Quoting Wisdom

The Clay of Believer and Unbeliever


Some Morals of Believer


Guarding against Telling Lies

Certainty of Words



Some Qualities deliver the Believer

Some of the Prophets' Norms and Wise Sayings

Al-Khidr's Commandments to Musa

Some of Allah's Revelations to Musa

A Wisdom in the Bible

Musa and a Worshipper

Musa with Allah

The Death of the Prophet

Friendship toward Ahl al-Bayt

The Prophet's and 'Ali's Rights against the Muslims

The Mastership of the Ahl al-Bayt over Men

Short, wonderful and Wise Sayings


a href = "16.htm#_T54285">1. AL-SAHIFA AL-SAJJADIYA


The Chain of Authorities of al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiya

The Characteristics of al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiya

Taking Care of the Sahifa of al-Sajjad

Interpretations (shuruh) of al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiya

Supplementary Versions

Supplementary Supplications

His Supplication for Good Mindedness

His Supplication when Afflicted by Neediness

His Supplication when Cleaved to Allah

His Supplication for Forgiveness and Repentance

His Supplication in calling down blessings upon the Prophet

His Supplication when his Supplication accepted

His Supplication when Food placed and taken

His Supplication in Entrusting his Affairs to Allah

His Supplication in Seeking Refuge from Allah's Wrath

His Supplication when went to Bed

His Supplication in Repelling Fearful Things

Wonderful Examples of the Sahifa

His Supplication in Calling down Blessings upon the Prophet

His Supplication in Calling down Blessings upon the Followers of the Messengers

His Supplication for himself and the People under his Guardianship

His Supplication in Morning and Evening

His Supplication for Good Outcomes

His Supplication in Seeking Repentance

His Supplication when Sick

His Supplication when he asked Release from his Sins

His Supplication in Seeking Refuge

from the Instigations of Satan

His Supplication in Asking for Water

during a Drought

His Supplication when something Made him Sorrow

His Supplication in Hardship

His Supplication when he asked Allah for Well-Being


His Supplication when his Provision was Stinted

His Supplication for Help in Repaying Debts

His Supplication in Mentioning and Asking

for Repentance

His Supplication in Asking for the Best

His Supplication when he was Afflicted

His Supplication in Satisfaction when he Looked upon the Companions of this world

His Supplication when he Looked upon Clouds

Hi Supplication when Confessing his Shortcomings

His Supplication when Someone's Death was Announced to him

His Supplication in Asking for Covering

His Supplication when he Looked at the New Crescent Moon

His Supplication in Repelling the Trickery of Enemies

His Supplication in Fear

His Supplication in Pleading to Allah

His Supplication in Imploring Allah

His Supplication in Abasing himself before Allah

His Supplication for the Removal of Worries


The First Whispered Prayer

The Second Whispered Prayer

The Third Whispered Prayer

The Forth Whispered Prayer

The Fifth Whispered Prayer

The Sixth Whispered Prayer

The Seventh Whispered Prayer

The Eighth Whispered Prayer

The Ninth Whispered Prayer

The Tenth Whispered Prayer

The Eleventh Whispered Prayer

The Twelfth Whispered Prayer

The Thirteenth Whispered Prayer

The Fourteenth Whispered Prayer


The Fifteenth Whispered Prayer

Poetic Whispered Prayers

The First Poetic Whispered Prayer

The Second Poetic Whispered Prayer



A Brief Introduction to Rights

The Rights in Detail

1. Rights of Allah

2. Rights of Self

3. Rights of Tongue

4. Rights of Hearing

5. Rights of Sight

6. Rights of the two Legs

7. Rights of Hand

8. Rights of Stomach

9. Rights of Private Part

Rights of Acts

10. Rights of Ritual Prayer

11. Rights of Fasting

12. Rights of Sadaqa

13. Rights of Hady

14. Rights of Imams

15. Rights of Teacher

16. Rights of Owner

17. Rights of Subjects

18. Rights of Learners

19. Rights of Wife (Mamluka)

20. Rights of Slave (Mamluk)

Rights of Blood Relatives

21. Rights of Mother

22. Rights of Father

23. Rights of Child

24. Rights of Brother

25. Rights of Master (Mawla)


26. Rights of Slave (Mawla)

27. Rights of Sahib al-Ma'ruf

28. Rights of Mu'azzin

29. Rights of Imam in Congregational Prayer

30. Rights of Sitting Companion

31. Rights of Neighbor

32. Rights of Companion

33. Rights of Partner

34. Rights of Property

35. Rights of al-Graham

36. Rights of Associate

37. Rights of Adversary

38. The Rights of al-Mudda'a 'alayh

39. Rights of al-Mustashir

40. Rights of al-Mushir

41. Rights of al-Mustansih

42. Rights of al-Nasih

43. Rights of al-Kabir

44. Rights of al-Saghir

45. Rights of al-Sa'il

46. Rights of al-Mass'ul

47. Rights of al-Sar

48. Rights of him who does Evil Judgments

49. Rights of the people of Creed

50. Rights of Ahl al-Dhimma


Divan ascribed to the Imam

His Handwritten Works


His Devotion to Proclaiming Knowledge

His Praising the Excellence of Knowledge

His Encouraging Scientific Movements


His Honoring the Seekers of Knowledge

Teachings for Learners

Rights of Teacher

The Reward of Learner

Free Education

The Humbleness of Teacher

The Center of his School

The Scholars surrounded Him

His Students and his Companions

1. Aban Ibn 'Ayyash

2. Aban Ibn Taghlub

His Birth and Childhood

His Scientific Position

His Narrations from the Imams

The Imams honored Him

His Reliability

His Friendship to Ahl al-Bayt

His Books

His Death

Abu al-Bilad said:

3. Ibrahim Ibn Abi Haffsa

4. Ibrahim Ibn Bashir

5. Ibrahim Ibn 'Abd Allah

6. Ibrahim Ibn Mohammed

7. Ibrahim Ibn Yazid

8. Ahmed Ibn Hamawayh

9. Ishaq Ibn 'Abd Allah

10. Ishaq Ibn 'Abd Allah

11. Ishaq Ibn Yasar

12. Isma'il Ibn Umayya

13. Isma'il Ibn Rafi'

14. Isma'il Ibn 'Abd al-Khaliq

15. Isma'il Ibn 'Abd al-Rahman

16. Isma'il Ibn 'Abd Allah

17. Aflah Ibn Hamid


18 Ayyub Ibn al-Hasan

19. Ayyub Ibn 'Aiyidh

20. Burd al-Iskafi

21. Bishr Ibn Ghalib

22. Bakr Ibn Aws

23. Bukayr Ibn 'Abd Allah

24. Thabit Ibn Aslam

25. Thabit Ibn Abi Safiya

His Childhood

His Reliability

His Scientific Position

His Books

His Narrations from the Imams

His Death

26. Thabit Ibn 'Abd Allah

27. Thabit Ibn Hurmuz

28. Thuwayr Ibn Abi Fakhta

29. Thuwayr Ibn Yazid

30. Jabir Ibn Mohammed

31. Ja'far Ibn Ibrahim

32. Ja'far Ibn Ayas

33. Ja'far Ibn Mohammed

34. Ju'ayd Hamadan

35. Jahm al-Hilali

36. Al-Harith Ibn Jarud

37. Al-Harith Ibn al-Fudayl

38. Habib Ibn Abi Thabit

39. Habib Ibn Hassan

40. Habib Ibn al-Mu'alla

41. Khadim Ibn Sufyan

42. Khadim Ibn Shurayk

43. Al-Hur Ibn Ka'b

44. Hassan al-'Amiri

45. Al-Hasan Ibn Rawajj

46. Al-Hasan Ibn 'Ali


47. Al-Hasan Ibn 'Ammara

48. Al-Hasan Ibn Mohammed

49. Al-Husayn Ibn 'Ali

50. Al-Husayn Ibn 'Amru

51. Hattan Ibn Khaffan

52. Hafs Ibn 'Umar

53. Al-Hakam Ibn 'Utayba

54. Hakim Ibn Jubayr

55. Hakim Ibn Hakam

56. Hakim Ibn Surayf

57. Hamid Ibn Nafi'

58. Hamid Ibn Muslim

59. Khashram Ibn Basar

60. Dāwud al-Sarmi

61. Rabah Ibn 'Ubayda

62. Rabi'a Ibn Abi 'Abd al-Rahman

63. Rabi'a Ibn 'Uthman

64. Razin Ibn 'Ubayd

65. Rashid al-Hajjri

Rashid joined the Eternal Life

66. Ziyad Ibn Sawqa

67. Zayd Ibn Aslam

68. Zayd Ibn al-Hasan

69. Zayd Ibn 'Ali

70. Zayd al-A'ma

71. Salim Ibn Abi al-Ju'd

72. Salim Ibn Abi Hafsa

73. Salim

74. Sudayr Ibn al-Hakam

75. Al-Sari Ibn 'Abd Allah

76. Sa'd Ibn Hakim

77. Sa'd Ibn Abi Sa'id

78. Sa'd Ibn Tarif

79. Sa'id Ibn Jubayr

His Scientific Position


His Reverential Fear and Righteousness

His Going out in Revolt

His Martyrdom

80. Sa'id Ibn al-Harith

81. Sa'id Ibn 'Uthman

82. Sa'id Ibn Marjana

83. Sa'id Ibn al-Marziban

84. Sa'id Ibn al-Musayyab

His Scientific Position

His Wise sayings

His Magnifying the Imam

Differences over his Reliability

85. Salam Ibn al-Mustanir

86. Salama Ibn Thubayt

87. Salama Ibn Dinar

88. Salama Ibn Kuhayl

89. Salim Ibn Qays

90. Salman Ibn Abi al-Mughira

91. Sulayman Abu 'Abd Allah

92. Sammak Ibn Harb

93. Sharhabil Ibn Sa'd

94. Shayba Ibn Na'ama

95. Salih Ibn Abi Hassan

96. Salih Ibn Khouwan

97. Salih Ibn Kaysan

98. Safwan Ibn Salim

99. Suhayb Abu Hakim

100. Al-Dahhak Ibn 'Abd Allah

101. Al-Dahhak Ibn Muzahim

102. Tariq Ibn 'Abd al-Rahman

103. Tawus Ibn Kaysan

104. Talha Ibn 'Amru

105. Talha Ibn al-Nadar

106. Zalim Ibn 'Amru

107. 'Amir Ibn al-Simt


108. 'Amir Ibn Wa'ila

109. 'Abd al-Ghaffar Ibn al-Qasim

110. 'A'idh al-Ahmasi

111. Al-'Abbas Ibn 'isa

112. 'Abd al-Rahman Ibn al-Qusayr

113. 'Abd Allah al-Barqi

114. 'Abd Allah Ibn Abi Bukayr

115. 'Abd Allah Ibn Abi Mulayka

116. 'Abd Allah Ibn Ja'far

117. 'Abd Allah Ibn Harith

118. 'Abd Allah Ibn Dinar

119. 'Abd Allah Ibn Dhakwan

120. 'Abd Allah Ibn Zubayd

121. 'Abd Allah Ibn Sa'id

122. 'Abd Allah Ibn Shabrama

123. 'Abd Allah Ibn Shurayk

124. 'Abd Allah Ibn 'Ata'

125. 'Abd Allah Ibn 'Ali

126. Abd Allah Ibn Ubayda

127. 'Abd Allah Ibn al-Mustawrad

128. 'Abd Allah Ibn Mohammed

129. 'Abd Allah Ibn Mohammed

130. 'Abd Allah Ibn Hurmoz

131. 'Abd al-Mu'min Ibn al-Qasim

132. 'Ubayd Allah Ibn Abi al-Ju'd

133. 'Ubayd Allah Ibn Abi al-Washim

134. 'Ubayd Allah Ibn 'Abd al-Rahman

135. 'Ubayd Allah Ibn Muslim

136. 'Ubayd Allah Ibn al-Mughira

137. 'Aqaba Ibn Bashir

138. 'Ali Ibn Thabit

139. 'Umran Ibn Maytham

140. 'Isa Ibn 'Ali

141. Furat Ibn al-Ahnaf

142. Al-Farazdaq


143. Fulayh Ibn Abi Bakr

144. Al-Qasim Ibn 'Abd al-Rahman

145. Al-Qasim Ibn 'Awf

146. Al-Qasim Ibn Mohammed

147. Kankar

148. Kaysan Ibn Kulayb

149. Malik Ibn 'Atiya

150. Mohammed Ibn Jubayr

151. Mohammed Ibn Shahab

A. His Birth

B. His Childhood

C. His Scientific Position

D. His Generosity

His Ties with the Umayyads

With Imam Zayn al-'Abidin

The Imam relieved him

The Imam's Letter to al-Zuhri

AL-Zuhri's Narrations from the Imam

Al-Zuhri accused of Showing Enmity toward Ahl al-Bayt

The Death of al-Zuhri

152. Mohammed Ibn 'Ali

153. Mohammed Ibn 'Umar

154. Mohammed Ibn Qays

155. Muslim Ibn 'Ali

156. Ma'ruf Ibn Kharbudh

157. Mundhir al-Thawri

158. Al-Minhal Ibn 'Amru

159. Al-Minhal Ibn 'Amru

160. Maymun al-Ban

161. Maymun al-Qiddah

162. Yahya Ibn Umm al-Tawil

163. Abu Maryam


164. Umm al-Birr



His Parents

The Conquer of Mecca

Mu'awiya's Qualities





False Qualities

Mu'awiya was imposed as Governor over Damascus

The Days of his Government

His Sending the Muslims away from ahl al-Bayt

His Eliminating the Shi'ites

His Governors

His Imposing Yazid as Ruler

Impressions of Mu'awiya

1. Ibn 'Abbas:

2. Sa'sa'a bin Sohan

3. Al-Mughira bin Shu'ba

4. Samra bin Jundub

The Government of Yazid

The Government of Mu'awiya bin Yazid

Marwan bin al-Hakam

The Shi'ites disappear

His Cursing the Commander of the faithful

Fabricated Narrations

The Death of Marwan

'Abd al-Malik bin Marwan

His Appointing al-Hajjaj as Governor

His Shedding Blood


His Making Little of the Prophet

His Showing Enmity toward ahl al-Bayt

His Demolishing the Kaaba

Imam Zayn al-'Abidin returns the Black Stone


His Death

The Governors wrong their Subjects

Imam Zayn al-'Abidin and 'Abd al-Malik

The Imam with him during Circling the Kaaba

'Abd al-Malik seeks the Prophet's Sword

His Criticizing the Imam

The Imam sends a Message to 'Abd al-Malik

His Arresting the Imam

The Death of 'Abd al-Malik

Al-Walid Bin 'Abd al-Malik

The Imam's Attitude

The Imam's Supplication for the

People of the Frontiers


The Political Life

The Nature of the Umayyad Government



Abolishing Public Freedoms

Denying Islam

Spreading Oppression

The Policy of Division and Difference

The Local Revolts

The Revolt of Imam al-Husayn

The Revolt of Medina

The Causes of the Revolt

Dismissing the Governor of Medina


Marwan seeks Refuge in the Imam

Muslim bin 'Aqaba entrusted with War

The Troops advanced toward Medina

Besieging Medina

Occupying Medina

Tragedies and Atrocities

The Imam and Muslim b. 'Aqaba

The Heads before Yazid

The Revolt of the Tawwabin

The First Conference of the Tawwabin

The Decisions of the Conference

Announcing the Revolt

At 'Ayn al-Warda

The Revolt of al-Mukhtar

His Qualities

1. Sharp Cleverness

2. Inspired Leadership

3. Allah-fearingness and Piety

4. Friendship toward Ahl al-Bayt

His Exalted Position with the Imams

Insignificant Accusations

His Great Revolt

The Objectives of his Revolt

1. Equality between the Arabs and non-Arabs

2. Demanding Vengeance for al-Husayn

Spreading Fear and Terror

General Annihilation

The Murder of Ibn Ziyad, the Tyrannical

The Revolt of Ibn al-Zubayr

His Detesting the Alids

His Arresting the Alids

The Overthrowing of his Government

The Economic Life

The Luxury of the Umayyads

Their Gifts to the Poets


Their Gifts to the Singers

The Life of Amusement


Singing and Dancing Parties

Singing spreads among the People of Medina

The Songstresses in Medina

The Dissoluteness of the Umayyads

The Attitude of the Imam

The Scientific Life

The School of the Next Generation

The Literary Life


The Imam is given Poison to drink

His Designation of al-Baqir for the Imamate

His Commandments to his Son al-Baqir

To the Shelter Garden

His Preparation for Burial

Escorting him to his Final Resting Place

At his Final Resting Place