The Life of  Imam Muhammad ibn 'Ali al-Baqir





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His Mother

His Father

The Great Baby

His Name

His Kunya

His Nick-Names

The Greetings of the Prophet to al-Baqir

His Features

His Early Cleverness

His Solemnity and His Prestige

The Inscription of his Ring

His Residence



Under the Care of his Grandfather

Under the Auspices of his Father

Admiration and Glorification

1. Sa‘ï~d b. al-Musayyab

2. Al-Zuhri

3. Zayd b. Aslam

4. ‘Umar b. ‘Abd al-‘Azï~z

5. Abu Hazim

6. Malik

7. Jabir b. ‘Abd Allah

8. Al-Waqidi

His high Morals

His Proclaiming Knowledge

His Urging (the Moslems)to seek Knowledge

His Honoring the Seekers of Knowledge

The Readers of the Koran cleaved to him

His Freeing of Slaves

His Worship and his Piety

His Alms and his Kindness

The Wonderful Poem of al-Farazdaq

Deep Sadness

His Commandments to his Son al-Baqir

His Supplications for his Children

In Protection from Immortality

Al-Walï~d poisoned the Imam

His Designation for the Imamate of al-Baqir

His Bequests to his Son al-Baqir

To the High Comrade

His Preparation for Burial

His Funeral

To his final Resting Place




His Brothers

Zayd the Martyr

His Birth

His Early Life

His Worship and his Piety

His Knowledge and his Literature

Imam al-Baqir admired Zayd

With Hisham b. ‘Abd al-Malik

The Legal Uprising

The Great Uprising

Treason and Perfidy

Under the Protection of Immortality

Torturing Zayd's Supporters

The Moslems' Discontent

Burning the Great Body

With al-Mas‘udi

Al-Husayn al-Asghar (the younger)

His Religious Knowledge

His Clemency and his Solemnity

His Devotion and his Piety

His Death

‘Abd Allah al-Bahir

His Nickname

His Religious Knowledge

His Authority over the Heirlooms of the Prophet

His Death

‘Umar al-Ashraf

His Kunya

His Nickname

His Religious Knowledge

His Authority over the Heirlooms of the Prophet

His Death


Imam al-Baqir's Children

1. Ibrahï~m

2. Imam Ja‘far

3.‘Abd Allah


5.‘Abd Allah



1. Imam al-Sadiq

2. Mohammed

3. Sudayf al-Makki

4. Hisham b. ‘Abd al-Malik

5. Al-Mansur al-Dawanï~qi

6. Abd Allah b.‘Ata'

7. Jabir b.Yazï~d

8. Jabir b. ‘Abd Allah

9. Ibn Hajar al-Haythami

10. Ibn Kuthayr

11. ‘Abd al-Hamï~d al-Hanbali

12. Al-Nabahani

13. Al-Qirmani

14. Al-Dhahabi

16. Mohammed al-Jazri

17. Kamal al-Dï~n al-Shafi‘i

18. Idrï~s al-Qarashi

19. Jamal al-Dï~n

20. Mohammed al-Sabban

21. Ibn Abï~ al-Haddï~~d

22. Shaykh al-Mufï~~d

23. Abu al-Hasan al-Tubrisi

24. Tajj al-Dï~n

25. Mahmud b. Whayb

26. ‘Abbas al-Makki

27. Sayyid Kazim al-Yamani

28. Ibn Taymiya

29. Al-Shaykhani

30. Al-Majlisi

31. Al-Nawawi

32. Abu Zar‘a

33. Ibn ‘Anba

34. ‘Ali b.‘Isa al-Arbali

35. Ahmed Fahmi

36. Farï~~d Wajdi

37. Abu Zahrah

38. Al-Talmasani

39. ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Halabi



His Imamate


The Definition of Infallibility

The Evidence for Infallibility

Doubts and Imaginations

His Clemency

His Patience

His Honoring the Poor

His Releasing the Slaves

His Spending on his Companions

His Alms to the Poor of Medina

His Generosity and his Liberality

His Worship

A. His Reverence in his Prayers

B. His many Prayers

C. His Supplications during his Prostration

D. His Supplication during his Personal Prayers

His Pilgrimage

His Whispered Prayer with Allah

His Praising Allah

His Renouncing Worldly Pleasures



The Scientific Life at his Time

The Bright Role of the Imam

The Sciences the Imam Discussed

The Tradition:

The Reports of the Imams

The Traditions of Imam al-Baqir

His Traditions from the Prophet

His Traditions on the Authority of the Imam, the Commander of the Faithful

His Narration from his Grandfather al-Husayn

His Narration from his Father

His Narration from Jabir al-Ansari

His Narration from ‘Umar

His Narration from b. ‘Abbas

His Narration from Zayd b. Arqam

His Narration From Abï~ Dharr

The Exegesis of the Holy Koran

The Virtue of Reciting the Koran

Repetition of Reciting the Koran

The Koran far above Falsehood

The Imam dispraised those who distort the Koran

Figurative Usage in the Koran

The Basmalah is Part of the Suras of the Koran

The Koran was revealed in Seven Letters

The Seven Letters

The Imam denied the Seven Letters

The Method of Exegesis

The Exegesis through the transmitted Sayings

The Exegesis through the Opinion

Imam al-Baqir's Exegesis

Examples of al-Baqir's Exegesis



1. Allah is not attained through Reason

2.  The Eternity of the Necessary Being

3. Talking about the Essence of Allah is forbidden

4. The Knowledge of Allah

5. The Essence of Monotheism

6. The Attributes of Allah

7. Doubt and Unbelief

The Imamate

The Imamate

The Critical Need for the Imam

To know the Imam is obligatory

To obey the Imam is obligatory

The Right of the Imam against People

The Dignity of the Imam

Accepting the Leadership of the Imams of  ahl al-Bayt

Al-Baqir praised the Imams

The Number of the Imams

The Sufferings of the Imams

Al-Baqir urged Reporters and Traditionalists to proclaim

The Knowledge of the Imams

Al-Baqir predicted Events


Its Characteristics

1. Its Connection by the Prophet (may Allah bless him and his family)

2. Its Flexibility

3. It has opened a Door to Ijtihad

4. It resorts to the Judgment of Reason

Jurisprudential Problems

The Rules of Fighting in Islam

Wiping the two Light Leather Boots (khuffayn) with Water

Touching the Vestibule of the Vulva does not invalidate Wudu’

Raising the Voice during the quiet Prayer

Asking Allah to bless Mohammed and his Family in Tashahhud

Science of Fundamentals

Presumption of Continuity (Istishab)

The Rule of  Passing (Qa‘idat al-Tajawiz)

The Rule of Finishing (Qa‘idat al-Faragh)

The Rule of Removing Harm

The Remedy of Contradiction

1.Publicity (al-Shuhra)

2. The Tradition should be harmonious with the Book and the Sunna

3. Preferring the Tradition through the Qualities of Narrators

Economic Researches

1. The Necessity of Improving Livelihood

2. Warning from Laziness

3.Al-Baqir detested those who left Work

4. Work is Obedience to Allah

Knowledge and Scholars

1. The Virtue of Knowledge

2. The Virtue of the Scholar

3.Associating with Scholars and the Pious

4. Discussing Knowledge

5.Rules for the Student

6.Proclaiming Knowledge

7. The Imam urged Moslems to learn

8. Understanding the Religion

9. Putting Knowledge into effect

10. Action coupled with knowing Allah is accepted

11. The Imam dispraised Boasting of Seeking Knowledge.

12. Giving Religious Opinions without Knowledge

13. The Qualities of the Scholar

Traditions on Faith

1. The Essence of Faith

2. The Ranks of Faith

3. The Qualities of the Pious

With the Shi‘ites

1. His Commandments to his Shi‘ites

2.The Early Shi‘ites

3.The Attributes of the Shi‘ites

4. Al-Baqir's Commandments to Shi‘ites

5. Love for Ahl al-Bayt

6. Why have Shi‘ites been called rafida?

7. Al-Baqir's Supplication for his Shi‘ites

The Lives and Maxims of the Prophets

1. Part of Allah's Revelation to Adam

2. Solomon's Maxim

3. A Maxim in the Torah

4. Why was Noah called the Grateful Servant?

5.Noah's Prayer against his People

6. Ismael was the first to speak Arabic

7. Allah whispered (words) to Moses

8. Al-Baqir denied that the Prophet was Illiterate

9.Noah and Iblis

10. The Death of Solomon

11. Jacob's meeting with Joseph

12. The Period of Jacob's Life in Egypt

on the Prophet's Life

on the Prophet's Life

1. The Prophet borrowed Weapons from Safwan

2. Khalid marched to Bani Judhayma

The Life of Imam ‘Ali

The Commander of the Faithful predicted the Murder of al-Husayn

The Characteristics of the Commander of the Faithful

The Events of Siffï~n

Raising the Siege from the Water

Mu‘awiya and ‘Amru b. al-‘As

Imam ‘Ali delivered a Sermon at Siffï~n

The Day of al-Harrï~r

The Document of the Arbitration

The Tragedy of Imam Husayn

The Narration of ‘Ammar al-Dihni


Imam al-Baqir's Valuable Commandments

His Commandments to his Son al-Sadiq

His Commandments to one of his Children

His Commandments to ‘Umar b. ‘Abd al-‘Azï~z

His Commandments to Jabir al-Ju‘fi

His Commandments to a Moslem

His Commandments to one of his Companions

His Preaching

The Virtue of Reason



Noble Manners

1. Kindness

2. Fairness

3. Kindness should be Equivalent to Fairness

Rules of Conduct

1. Cheerfulness

2. Treating people kindly

Moslem’s Rights

Fulfilling the Moslem’s Need

Relations with Womb Relatives


Pity for the Orphan

Good Qualities


Bad Qualities and Deeds

Backbiting and Slander

Anger and its Remedy


Al-Baqir’s Supplications

Imam al-Baqir urged Moslems to Supplication.

Wonderful Maxims

Did al-Baqir write poetry?



Kuthayr ‘Azzah

His Obedience to the Members of the House (ahl al-Bayt), peace be on them.

His Obedience to al-Baqir

Kuthayr praised the Sons of Marwan

His Death

Fabricated Narration


Al-Kumayt Al-Asadi

His Birth and his Early Life

His Talents

His Poetry

Al- Kumayt  and al-Farazdaq

The Characteristics of his Poetry

His firm Doctrine

Al-Kumayt and Imam al-Baqir

His longing for seeing the Imam.

Al-Kumayt elegized al-Husayn

A Poem of his Poems called al-Hashimiyat

His Poem called al-Lamiya

His Poem called al-‘Ayniya

His firm Struggle

1. His praising ahl al-Bayt

2. His dispraising the Umayyds

3. His moving Tribalism between the Yemenis and the Nazaris

His Arrest

His Escape from Prison

Al-Kumayt received Forgiveness

Admonition and Apology

To Paradise



Marwan bin al-Hakam

1. The Prophet cursed him

2. His father was banished from Medina

3. During the Days of ‘Uthman

His Inclinations and his Qualities

Marwan was fond of cursing the Commander of the faithful.

His Caliphate

His Death

‘Abd al-Malik bin Marwan

His Qualities

1. Tyranny

2. Perfidy

3. Cruelty and Uselessness

4. Miserliness

  ‘Abd al-Malik transferred the Hajj to Jerusalem.

‘Abd al-Malik disparaged his Predecessors.

‘Abd al-Malik appointed al-Hajjaj as Governor.

The Prophet's prophecy

The Prophecy of the Commander of the Faithful

The Indignant with al-Hajjaj

1. ‘Umar b. ‘Abd al-‘Azï~z

2. ‘Aism

3. Al-Qasim

4. Zadhan

5. Tawus

Some of al-Hajjaj's Characteristics

His Unbelief

Disdaining the Prophet

Some of al-Hajjaj's Crimes

He punished the Shï~‘a severely.

The critical Conditions of Kufa

He attacked the Kaba with Catapults

His Prisons

His Death

‘Abd al-Malik and al-Akhtal

Imam al-Baqir and ‘Abd al-Malik

‘Abd al-Malik ordered Imam al-Baqir to be arrested.

Imam al-Baqir freed Islamic money.

The Death of ‘Abd al-Malik

Al-Walï~d bin ‘Abd al-Malik

Sulayman bin ‘Abd al-Malik

His Death

‘Umar bin ‘Abd al-‘Azï~z

He prevented the People from Cursing

He gave the Alï~ds their Rights.

He returned Fadak

‘Umar bin ‘Abd al-‘Azï~z

Imam al-Baqir predicted of ‘Umar's Caliphate.

2. ‘Umar honored Imam al-Baqir

3. ‘Umar exchanged letters with Imam al-Baqir.

Baseless Accusation


His Death

Yazï~d bin ‘Abd al-Malik

Hisham bin ‘Abd al-Malik

Imam al-Baqir in Damascus

Imam al-Baqir made a Speech in Damascus.

Imam al-Baqir was arrested.

Imam al-Baqir and a Priest

Hisham ordered the Shops to be closed



The Islamic Sects

The Mu‘tazilites

The History of the Mu‘tazilites

The Mu‘tazilites and Policy

The Mu‘tazilites and the Christians

The Fundamental Doctrines

1. Oneness of Allah.

2. Divine Justice

3. Promise and Threat

4. Rank between two Ranks

5. Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil

The Shï~‘a and the Mu‘tazilites

Generally accepted Matters

Generally unaccepted Matters

1. The Imamate of the Mafdul

2. Intercession.

Imam al-Baqir and the Leaders

1. Al-Hasan al-Basri

2. Imam al-Baqir refuted al-Hasan

3. Imam al-Baqir and ‘Amru bin ‘Ubayd

The Murji'a

1. The Meaning of the Murji'a

The Growth of the Murji'a

The Shï~‘a and the Murji'a

Grimar's Claims

The Definition of Faith

Imam al-Baqir and ‘Amru al-Masir

Abu Hanï~fa and the Irja'

The Kharijites

Their Religious Views

Imam al-Baqir and Nafi‘

The Shï~‘a

The Meaning of the Shï~‘a

The Beginning of Shi‘ism

The Fable of ‘Abd Allah b. Saba’

1. Al-Malti

2. Al-Nashshar

3. Shaykh Abu Zahra

The Shï~‘a and Excessiveness

The Meaning of Excessiveness

The Shï~‘a have renounced the Excessive.

The Shï~‘ite View concerning the Imams

The Love of the Shï~‘a for the Imams

The Aspects of Love for the Imams

The Shï~‘a and the Companions (of the Prophet)

The Definition of the Companions

The Position of the Companions

1. Sayyid ‘Ali Khan

Imam Sharf al-Dï~n

The Attitude of Imam al-Baqir

The Shï~‘ite Political Thoughts

The Shï~'ite Political Thoughts

Economic Welfare

Spreading Justice

Revolt against Oppression

Boldness and Intrepidity

The Shï~‘a faced Troubles

Precautionary Dissimulation

The Unity of the Shï~‘a

Scientific Life

The School of the Next Generation

1. Sa‘ï~d b. al-Musayyab

His Scientific Position

His Death

‘Urwa bin al-Zubayr

His Death

4. ‘Abd al-Rahman

5. Sulayman bin Yasar al-Hilali

6. Kharija bin Zayd b. Thabit

7. Al-Qasim bin Mohammed

The School of the Ahl al-Bayt

Public Cultural Life

Political Life

Political Parties

1. The Umayyad Party

2. The Zubayri Party

3. The Kharijites

4. The Shi‘a

Discords and Disorders

Play and Luxury

Excessive Dowries

Luxurious Women


Fabricated Traditions

Exploiting al-Zahri

Fabricated Narration against Imam Abu Ja‘far

Fabricators against Abu Ja‘far

1. Bayan bin Sam‘an al-Hindi

2. Hamza al-Barbari

3. Al-Mughï~ra bin Sa‘ï~d

His Heresies

Imam al-Baqir renounced him

The Revolt of al-Mughï~ra b. Sa‘ï~d

Unbelief and Polytheism

Imam al-Baqir and a Syrian Scholar

Violent Revolts

The Revolt of the Repentant

The Revolt of al-Mukhtar

Al-Mukhtar scared the Murderers

Al-Mukhtar killed the Murderers

The Revolt of Ibn al-Zubayr

His Miserliness

His Enmity towards the ‘Alï~ds

The Failure of his Revolt

Economic Life



1. Aban bin Taghlub

His Birth and his early Life

His Scientific Position

His Obedience to the ahl al-Bayt

His Reliability

His Books

His Death

2. Aban bin Abï~ ‘Ayyash Fayruz

His Death

3. Ibrahim bin al-Azraq

4. Ibrahim bin Abï~ al-Bilad

5. Ibrahim bin Jamï~l

6. Ibrahim bin Hanan

7. Ibrahim bin Salih al-Anmati

8. Ibrahim bin ‘Abd Allah

9. Ibrahim bin ‘Ubayd

10. Ibrahim bin ‘Umar

11. Ibrahim bin Mohammed

12. Ibrahim bin Marthed

13. Ibrahim bin Ma’adh

14. Ibrahim b. Ma‘rad

15. Ibrahim b. Na‘ï~m

16. Abyad bin Aban

17. Ahmed bin ‘A’idh bin Habï~b

18. Ahmed bin ‘Umran

19. Ishaq bin ‘Abd Allah

20. Ishaq bin Bashï~r

21. Ishaq bin Ja‘far b. ‘Ali.

22. Ishaq bin Nuh

23. Ishaq bin al-Fadl

24. Ishaq bin Yasar

25. Ishaq bin Yazï~d

26. Ishaq bin Wasil al-Dabbi.

27. Ishaq al-Qummi

28. Isra‘ï~l bin Ghayyath al-Makki.

29. Isma‘ï~l bin Zyyad al-Bazzaz al-Kufi al-Asadi.

30. Isma‘ï~l bin Jabir al-Ju‘fi.

31. Isma‘ï~l bin ‘Abd Allah

32. Isma‘ï~l bin ‘Abd al-Rahman

33. Isma‘ï~l bin Sulayman

34. Isma‘ï~l al-Katib

35. Aslam bin Ayman

36. Aslam al-Qauwas

37. Usayd bin al-Qasim

38. Isma‘ï~l bin ‘Abd al-Khaliq

39. Isma‘ï~l bin ‘Abd al-‘Azï~z

40. Isma‘ï~l bin ‘Abd al-Rahman

41. Isma‘ï~l bin al-Fadl

42. A‘yun al-Razi

43. Anas bin Taghlub

44. Anas bin ‘Amru

45. Ayyub bin Bakr

46. Ayyub bin Abu Tamima

47. Ayyub bin Shahab

48. Ayyub Washika

49. Badr bin al-Khalï~l

50. Burd al-Iskafi

51. Burd al-Khayyat

52. Barï~d al-Khayyat

53. Barï~d al-Kanasi

54. Barï~d bin Mu‘awiya

55. Bassam bin ‘Abd Allah

56. Bashshar al-Aslami

57. Bishro bin Ja‘far

58. Bishr bin Khath‘am

59. Bishr bin Abï~ ‘Aqaba

60. Bishr bin ‘Abd Allah

61. Bishr bin Maymun

62. Bishr bin Yasar

63. Bishr Bayya al-Zatti

64. Bishr al-Rahhal

65. Bashï~r al-Ju‘fi

66. Bashï~r Abu ‘Abd al-Samed

67. Bashï~r bin Sulayman

68. Bakr bin Habï~b

69. Bakr bin Khalid

70. Bakr bin Salih

71. Bakr bin Karb

72. Bakkrawayh al-Kindi

73. Bukayr bin A‘yun

74. Bukayr bin Jundub

75. Bukayr bin Habï~b

76. Tamï~m bin Zyyad

77. Thabit bin Abï~ Thabit

78. Thabit bin Dï~nar

79. Thabit b. Za’ida

80. Thabit bin Hurmuz

81. Thuwayr bin Abï~ Fakhta

82. Jabir bin ‘Abd Allah

83. Jabir bin Yazï~d

His Reliability

His Books

His Narration on the Authority of Abu Ja‘far

His Mental Disorder

His Death

84. Al-Jarud bin al-Sari

Al-Jarud bin al-Sari

85. Al-Jarud bin al-Mundhir

86. Al-Jarrah al-Mada’ini

87. Ja‘far al-Ahmasi

88. Ja‘far b. Ibrahim

89. Ja‘far b. Ibrahim

90. Ja‘far bin al-Hakï~m

91. Ja‘far bin ‘Amru

92. Ju‘da

93. Al-Hasan bin Abï~ Sarra

94. Al-Hasan bin Hubaysh

95. Al-Hasan bin al-Hasan

96. Al-Hasan bin Zyyad

97. Al-Hasan bin al-Sari

98. Al-Hasan bin Shahab

99. Al-Hasan bin Salih.

100. Al-Hasan bin ‘Ali

101. Al-Hasan bin ‘Ammar

102. Al-Hasan bin ‘Ammarah

103. Al-Hasan b. Kuthayr

104. Al-Hasan bin al-Mundhir.

105. Al-Hasan bin Yousif

106. Al-Hasan al-Ju‘fi

107. Al-Hasan al-Zayyat

108. Al-Husayn bin al-Abtar

109. Al-Husayn bin Abu al-Ala’

110. Al-Husayn bin Thuwayr

111. Al-Husayn bin Hammad

112. Al-Husayn bin ‘Abd Allah

113. Al-Husayn bin ‘Ubayd Allah

114. Al-Husayn bin Mus‘ab

115. Al-Husayn bin al-Mundhir

116. Safi al-A‘war

117. Hafs bin Ghayyath

118. Al-Hakam bin al-Salt

119. Al-Hakam bin Abï~ Na‘ï~m.

120. Al-Hakam bin ‘Abd al-Rahman

121. Al-Hakam bin ‘Utayba

His Death

122. Al-Hakam bin ‘Alya’

123. Al-Hakam bin al-Qattat

124. Al-Hakam bin al-Mukhtar

125. Hakï~m bin Hakam

126. Hakï~m bin Suhayb

127. Hakï~m bin Mu‘awiya

128. Hammad bin Abï~ Sulayman

129. Hammad bin Abï~ al-‘Atarid

130. Hammad bin Bashï~r

131. Hammad bin Rashï~d

132. Hammad bin al-Mughï~ra

133. Hamran bin A‘yun

His Scientific Rank.

His Rank with the Imams

His intense Obedience to the Imams.

134. Hamza bin Hamran

135. Hamza bin ‘Ata’

136. Hamza bin ‘Ammara

137. Hamza al-Tayyar

138. Khazim al-Ashal

139. Khalid bin Abï~ Karï~ma

140. Khalid bin Awfa

141. Khalid bin Bakkar

142. Khalid bin Tuhman

143. Khuthayma bin ‘Abd al-Rahman

144. Khuthayma bin Abï~ Khuthayma

145. Dawud al-Abzari

146. Dawud bin Abï~ Hind

147. Dawud bin Habï~b

148. Dawud bin Hurra

149. Dawud bin Zayd

150. Dawud bin al-Dajjaji

151. Dalham bin Salih

152. Rai‘ bin Muslima

153. Al-Rabï~‘ al-‘Absi

154. Rabï~‘ bin Sa‘d

155. Rabï~‘a bin Abï~ ‘Abd al-Rahman.

156. Rabï~‘a bin Najidh

157. Razi al-Abzari

158. Razï~n al-Anmati

159. Rushd bin Sa‘d

160. Rafï~d , the Retainer of the Banu Hubayra

161. Raqaba bin Masqala

162. Za’ida bin Qaddama

163. Zahr bin ‘Abd Allah

164. Zarara bin A‘yun

His Lineage

His Scientific Rank

His Narration from Imam al-Baqir

Who narrated from Zarara?

His Talents were praised.

A. Jamï~l Darrajj

B. Al-Najashi

C. Al-Kashi said:

D. Ibn al-Nadï~m

Imam al-Sadiq and Zarara

Slanderous Traditions

Zarara is Immortal

165. Zakariya bin ‘Abd Allah

Zakariya bin ‘Abd Allah

166. Zuhayr al-Mada’ini

167. Zyyad al-Ahlam

168. Zyyad al-Aswad

169. Zyyad bin Abï~ al-Hallal

170. Zyyad bin Abï~ Raja’

171. Zyyad bin Abï~ Zyyad

172. Zyyad bin al-Aswad

173. Zyyad bin Sawqa

174. Zyyad bin Salih

175. Zyyad bin ‘Isa

176. Zyyad bin ‘Isa

177. Zyyad bin al-Mundhir

178. Zyyad, the Retainer of Abu Ja‘far

179. Zyyad al-Hashimi

180. Zayyd al-Ajjra

181. Zayyd bin Sulayt

182. Zayyd al-Shahham

183. Zayyd bin Qaddama

184. Salim bin Abï~ Hafsa

185. Salim al-Ashal

186. Salim al-Ja‘far

187. Sudayr bin Hakï~m

188. Sudayf al-Makki

189. Sa‘d bin Abï~ ‘Amru

190. Sa‘d al-Haddad

191. Sa‘d bin al-Hasan

192. Sa‘d bin Turayf

193. Sa‘d bin ‘Abd al-Malik

194. Sukayn al-Ju‘di

195. Sukayn al-Madani

196. Salam bin Abï~ ‘Umayra

197. Salam bin Sa‘d

198. Salam bin al-Mustanï~r

199. Salam al-Ju‘fi

200. Salam al-Makki

201. Salam bin Bishr

202. Salman bin Khalid

203. Salman al-Kinani

204. Salama bin al-Ahtam

205. Sulayman bin Khalid

206. Salama bin Mihriz.

207. Sulayman, Retainer of Turbal

208. Sulayman bin Harun

209. Sanan bin Sanan

210. Sawra bin Kulayb

211. Sharjara bin Maymun

212. Shurays al-Rabishi

213. Shu‘ayb bin Bakr

214. Shu‘ayb al-Haddad

215. Shahab bin ‘Abd Rabba

216. Shimr bin Hawshab

217. Salih bin Sahl

218. Salih bin ‘Aqaba

219. Salih bin Maythem

220. Samit Bayya‘ al-Harawi

221. Sabah bin Yahya

222. Al-Salt bin al-Hajjaj

223. Durays bin ‘Abd al-Malik

224. Durays Bayya‘ al-Ghazl

225. Durays al-Kinani

226. Tahir, the Retainer of Abu Ja‘far

227. Tarbal bin Raja’

228. Zarï~f bin Nasih.

229. ‘Asim bin ‘Umar

230. ‘Amir bin Abï~ al-Ahwas

‘Amir bin Abï~ al-Ahwas

231. ‘Abbad al-Basri

232. ‘Abbad bin Jurayh

233. ‘Abbad b. Suhayb

234. ‘Abd al-Jabbar bin A‘yun

235. ‘Abd al-Hamï~d bin Abï~ Ja‘far

236. ‘Abd al-Hamï~d bin Abï~ al-Daylam

237. ‘Abd al-Hamï~d bin ‘Awad

238. ‘Abd al-Hamï~d al-Wasiti

239. ‘Abd al-Khaliq bin ‘Abd Rabba

240. ‘Abd al-Khaliq bin ‘Arrad

241. ‘Abd al-Rahman

242. ‘Abd al-Rahman bin A‘yun

243. ‘Abd al-Rahman bin Zar‘a

244. ‘Abd al-Rahman bin Salim

245. ‘Abd al-Rahman bin Sulayman

246. ‘Abd al-Rahman bin ‘Ajlan

247. ‘Abd al-Rahï~m

248. ‘Abd al-Rahï~m bin Ruh

249. ‘Abd al-Rahï~m bin Salï~m

250. ‘Abd al-Salam bin Kuthayr

251. ‘Abd al-‘Azï~z

252. ‘Abd al-Ghaffar bin Qasim

253. ‘Abd al-Karï~m bin Abï~ Ya‘fur

254. ‘Abd al-Karï~m bin Mahran

255. ‘Abd Allah bin Bukayr

256. ‘Abd Allah bin al-Jarud

257. ‘Abd Allah bin Jurayh

258. ‘Abd Allah bin al-Hasan

259. ‘Abd Allah bin Dhubyan

260. ‘Abd Allah bin Zar‘a

261. ‘Abd Allah bin Sulayman

262. ‘Abd Allah bin Sulayman

263. ‘Abd Allah bin Shurayk

264. ‘Abd bin Salih

265. ‘Abd Allah bin ‘Abd al-Rahman

266. ‘Abd Allah bin ‘Ajjlan.

267. ‘Abd Allah bin ‘Ata’

268. ‘Abd Allah bin ‘Ata’

269. ‘Abd Allah bin ‘Ata’.

270. ‘Abd Allah bin ‘Amru

271. ‘Abd Allah bin Ghalib

272. ‘Abd Allah bin Kaysan

273. ‘Abd Allah bin Muhriz

274. ‘Abd Allah b. Mohammed

275. ‘Abd Allah b. Mohammed

276. ‘Abd Allah b. Mohammed

277. ‘Abd Allah b. Mohammed

278. ‘Abd Allah bin al-Mukhtar

279. ‘Abd Allah bin al-Walï~d

280. ‘Abd Allah al-Hashmi

281. ‘Abd al-Mu’min al-Ansari

282. ‘Abd al-Mu’min bin al-Qasim

283. ‘Abd al-Mu’min bin al-Haythem

284. ‘Abd al-Malik bin A‘yun

285. ‘Abd al-Malik b. ‘Utba

286. ‘Abd al-Malik bin ‘Ata’

287. ‘Abd al-Malik bin ‘Amru

288. ‘Abd al-Wahid bin al-Mukhtar

289. ‘Ubayd bin Kuthayr

290. ‘Ubayd Allah bin Mohammed

291. ‘Ubayd Allah bin al-Walï~d

292. ‘Ubayd Allah al-Wassafi

293. ‘Ubayda

294. ‘Ubayda al-Khath‘ami

295. ‘Ubayda al-Saksaki

296. ‘Uthman bin Jubla

297. ‘Uthman bin Zyyad

298. ‘Uthman bin Zyyad

299. ‘Adhafar

300. ‘Adhafar bin ‘Abd Allah

301. ‘Urwa bin ‘Abd Allah

302. Al-‘Atta’

303. ‘Atta’ bin Yasar

304. ‘Atiya

305. ‘Atiya

306. ‘Atiya bin Dhakran

307. ‘Atiya bin Mazar

308. ‘Atiya al-‘Awfi

309. ‘Aqaba

310. ‘Aqaba bin Shayba

‘Aqaba bin Shayba

311. ‘Aqaba bin Qays

312. ‘Ukrima

313. Al-‘Ala’ bin al-Hasan

314. Al-‘Ala’ bin al-Husayn

315. Al-‘Ala’ bin ‘Abd al-Karï~m

316. ‘Ala’ bin Darra’

317. ‘Alqama bin Mohammed

318. ‘Ali bin al-Ahmasi

319. ‘Ali bin Abï~ Hamza

320. ‘Ali bin Abï~ al-Mughï~ra

321. ‘Ali bin Hanzala

322. ‘Ali bin Sa‘ï~d

323. ‘Ali bin ‘Abd al-‘Azï~z

324. ‘Ali bin ‘Abd Allah

325. ‘Ali bin ‘Atiya

326. ‘Ali bin ‘Aqaba

327. ‘Ali bin Maymun

328. ‘Ammar bin al-Ahwas

329. ‘Ammar bin Marwan

330. ‘Umar bin Aban

331. ‘Umar bin Aban

332. ‘Umar bin Abï~ Shayba

333. ‘Umar bin Thabit

334. ‘Umar bin Hanzala

335. ‘Umar bin Qays

336. ‘Umar bin Qays

337. ‘Umar bin Mu‘ammar

338. ‘Umar bin Hilal

339. ‘Umar bin Yahya

340. ‘Amru bin Ubay

341. ‘Amru bin Abï~ al-Muqdam

342. ‘Amru bin Jamï~‘

343. ‘Amru bin Khalid

344. ‘Amru bin Khalid

345. ‘Amru bin Dï~nar

346. ‘Amru bin Rashï~d

347. ‘Amru bin Sa‘ï~d.

348. ‘Amru bin Shimr

349. ‘Amru bin ‘Abd ‘Abd Allah

350. ‘Amru bin ‘Uthman

351. ‘Amru bin Mu‘ammar

352. ‘Umran

353. ‘Umran bin Abï~ Khalid

354. ‘Umran bin A‘yun

355. ‘Unba bin Mas‘ab

356. ‘Unba al-‘Abid

357. ‘Isa bin Abï~ Mansur

358. ‘Isa bin A‘yun

359. ‘Isa bin Bakr

360. ‘Isa bin al-Dahhak

361. ‘Isa bin al-Tahhan

362. Ghalib Abu al-Hadhï~l

363. Fa’id al-Jammal

364. Furat bin al-Ahnaf

365. Farwa

366. Al-Fadl bin al-Zubayr

367. Al-Fadl bin ‘Uthman

368. Al-Fadl al-Nawfali

369. Al-Fudal

370. Al-Fudal bin Khuthaym

371. Al-Fudayl bin al-Zubayr

372. Al-Fudal bin Sa‘dan

373. Al-Fudal bin Shurayh

374. Al-Fudal bin ‘Uthman

375. Al-Fudayl bin Ghayyath

376. Al-Fudayl bin Yasar

377. Fitr bin Khalifa

378. Fulayh bin Abï~ Bakr

379. Al-Fayd bin al-Mukhtar

380. Al-Qasim bin ‘Abd al-Rahman

381. Qasim bin ‘Abd al-Malik

382. Qaddama bin Za’ida

383. Qays bin Abï~ Moslem

384. Qays bin al-Rabï~‘

385. Kamil bin al-‘Ala’

386. Kamil al-Rasafi

387. Kamil Sahib al-Sabiri

388. Kamil al-Najjar

389. Kuthayr bin Kalthem

390. Kathï~r al-Nawa

391. Kulayb b. Mu‘awiya

392. Al-Kumayt bin Zayd

393. Kankar

394. Layth bin Abï~ Salï~m

395. Layth bin al-Bakhtari

396. Malik bin A‘yun

397. Malik bin ‘Atiya

398. Mohammed bin Ibrahim

399. Mohammed bin Abï~ Sarrah

400. Mohammed bin Abï~ Mansur

401. Mohammed bin Ishaq

402. Mohammed bin Isma‘il

403. Mohammed bin al-Hasan

404. Mohammed bin Hamï~d

405. Mohammed bin Rustam

406. Mohammed bin Zayd

407. Mohammed bin Salim

408. Mohammed bin Sulayman

409. Mohammed bin Sawqa

410. Mohammed bin Sahib

411. Mohammed bin ‘Abd Allah

412. Mohammed bin ‘Ajlan

413. Mohammed bin ‘Ajlan

414. Mohammed bin ‘Attiya

415. Mohammed bin ‘Ali

416. Mohammed bin ‘On

417. Mohammed bin al-Furat

418. Mohammed bin al-Fadl

419. Mohammed bin al-Fadl

420. Mohammed bin Qays

421. Mohammed bin Qays

422. Mohammed bin Marwan

423. Mohammed bin Marwan

424. Mohammed bin Marwan

425.Mohammed bin Moslem

Mohammed bin Moslem

Honoring and Glorification

His Scientific Rank

Mohammed before Shurayk, the Judge

Mohammed bin Moslem sold dates

His Death

426. Mohammed bin Moslem

427. Mohammed bin al-Munkadir

428. Al-Mustahal bin ‘Ata’

429. Mas‘ada bin Zyyad

430. Mas‘ada bin Sadaqa

431. Maskï~n

432. Maskï~n bin ‘Abd

433. Masma‘ bin ‘Abd al-Malik

434.Ma‘ruf bin Khrbudh

435. Mu‘ammar bin Rashï~d

436. Mu‘ammar bin ‘Ata’

437. Mu‘ammar bin Yahya

438. Mu‘ammar bin Yahya

439. Mu‘ammar bin Yahya al-‘Ajali

440. Al-Mughï~ra bin Sa‘ï~d

441. Al-Mufaddal bin Zayd

442. Al-Mufaddal bin Qays

443. Muqatil bin Sulayman

444. Muqrin al-Sarrajj

445. Mundhir bin Abï~ Turayfa

446. Mansur bin al-Mu‘tamir

447. Mansur bin al-Walï~d

448. Musa al-Ash‘ari

449. Musa bin Ashyam

450. Musa al-Khayyat

451. Musa bin Zyyad

452. Musa bin ‘Abd Allah

453. Muhzim bin Abï~ Burda

454. Maysar bin ‘Abd al-‘Azï~z

455. Maymun al-Ban

456. Maymun al-Qaddah

457. Najm bin al-Hutaym

458. Najm al-Ta’i

459. Nujayh bin Moslem

460. Al-Nadar bin Qarwash

461. Nu‘man al-Ahmasi

462. Al-Ward bin Zayd al-Asadi

463. Al-Walï~d bin Bashï~r

464. Al-Walï~d bin ‘Urwa al-Hajri

465. Al-Walï~d bin al-Qasim

466. Harun al-Jabali

467. Harun bin Hamza

468. Hashim bin Abï~ Hashim

469. Hashim al-Raha’i

470. Yahya bin Abï~ al-‘Ala’ al-Razzai

471. Yahya bin Abï~ Qasim al-Hadhdha’

472. Yhaya bin al-Sabiq

473. Yazï~d Abu Khalid al-Kanasi

474. Yazï~d bin ‘Abd al-Malik al-Ju‘fi

475. Yazï~d bin ‘Abd al-Malik al-Nawfali

476. Yazï~d bin Mohammed al-Nï~shaburi

477. Yazï~d

478. Ya‘qub al-Azdi

479. Ya‘qub bin Shu‘ayb

480. Younis bin Abï~ Ya‘fur

481. Younis bin Khabbab

482. Younis bin al-Mughï~ra



The Imam announced his own Death.

The Murder of the Imam

Reasons for the Murder of the Imam

1. The Imam’s high Character

2. The Events of Damascus

Al-Baqir designated al-Sadiq

His Testamentary Enjoinments

To the Highest Paradise

His Preparation(for Burial)

His Burial

His Holy Age

The Year of his Death

The Moslems condoled Imam al-Sadiq.


 Book Specifications
Title:  The Life of Imam Mohammed al-Baqir
Author:  Baqir Sharif al-Qarashi
Translator:  Jasim al-Rasheed
Printer:  Sadr
First Edition  1999-1419
Copies:  2000
ISBN:  964 - 438 - 044 - 4
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