The Just Leader of Humanity

By: Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini

Translated by
Dr. Abdulaziz Sachedina

Ansariyan Publications
P.O.B 37185/187Qum
Islamic Republic of Iran



Translator's Introduction

Chapter 1

The Beginning of the Belief in the Mahdi

The Mahdi from among the Descendants of the Prophet

The Sunni hadith on the Subject of the Mahdi

The Objection Raised by One of the Authors

Ibn Khaldun and the Traditions about the Mahdi

Other Opinions from Ibn Khaldun

The Existence of the Mahdi is Certain

People Awaited the Appearance of the Mahdi

The Discussion among the Companions and the Subsequent Generations

The Jurists of Medina and the Mahdi Traditions

The Poetry of Di'bil and the Mahdi

Chapter 2

The Pseudo-Mahdis

Manipulation of the Beliefs of the People

Fabrication of the Traditions

The Family of the Prophet and the Eleven Imams' Predictions about the Mahdi

Are these Traditions about the Mahdi Authentic?

Chapter 3

Mahdiism, the Jews, and the Iranians

The Reasons for the Emergence of Belief in the Mahdiism

Does it Really Need Explication?

The Legend of 'Abd Allah b. Saba

The Messianic Leader, Mahdi, in Other Religions

The Qur'an and Mahdiism

The General Prophethood and the Imamate

What System Can Make Human Beings Prosperous?

The Other-worldly Prosperity

The Path of Perfection

The Infallibility of the Prophets

Rational Proof in Support of the Imamate

Textual Proof for the Necessity of the Imamate

Chapter 4

The Unseen World and the Imam of the Age

Will the Imam Be Born at the End of the Time?

Descriptions Identifying the Mahdi

Mahdi Is Among the Descendants of Husayn b. 'Ali

What If the Mahdi Was Well-known?

The Traditions from the ahl al-bayt Are Proofs for All Muslims

'Ali b. Abi Talib, the Paragon of the Prophetic Knowledge

The Book of 'Ali b. Abi Talib

The Heirs to the Prophet's Knowledge

Chapter 5

Who Was the Imam after Hasan 'Askari?

Those Who Saw the Imam of the Age When He Was Small

Why Was the Twelfth Imam Not Mentioned in the Will of Imam Hasan 'Askari?

Why Did Others Not Know about the Twelfth Imam's Birth?

The Mother of the Twelfth Imam

The Sunni 'Ulama' and the Birth of the Mahdi

Chapter 6

Can a Five Year Old Boy Become an Imam?

The Gifted Children

Rising of the People when Naming the Qa'im

When Did the Story about the Occultation Begin?

The Books on the Subject of the Occultation before the Birth of the Twelfth Imam

The Short and Complete Occultation

The Short Occultation and the Contacts with the Shi'a

Were these Letters from the Imam in His Own Handwriting?

The Number of Deputies

'Uthman b. Sa'id, the First Deputy

Muhammad b. 'Uthman, the Second Deputy

Husayn b. Ruh, the Third Deputy

'Ali b. Muhammad Samarri, the Fourth Deputy

Chapter 7

Why Did Not the Occultation Become Complete from the Beginning?

Is There Any Time Limit to the Complete Occultation?

The Philosophy of Occultation

What Danger Faced the Imam If He Were Visibly Present?

Why Is the Mahdi Afraid of Being Killed?

Does Not God Have the Power to Protect the Imam?

Is It Not Likely That the Unjust Rulers Would Have Submitted to Him?

He Should Remain Silent So That He Would Be Safe

He Could Have Negotiated a Treaty of Non-interference with the Rulers

Why Did He Not Appoint Special Deputies During the Complete Occultation?

What Is the Benefit of Having the Imam in Occultation?

The Twelfth Imam Endeavors to Defend Islam during the Occultation

Chapter 8

The Sunni Books on the Characteristics of the Mahdi

The Occultation of the 'Alawid Leaders

Violations of Free Expression under the Caliphs

The Implications of the Situation

How Long Will the Hidden Imam Live?

Chapter 9

The Research about Longevity

Is There Any Fixed Term for Human Age?

The Reasons for Longevity

Senility and Its Causes

The Long Life of the Twelfth Imam

The Article by Justin Glace

Research into the Matter of Longevity

Further Research on Longevity

New Research on Longevity

A Summary of a Russian Study on the Subject of Old Age

A Little Known Theory about the Cause of Death

Those Who Lived a Long Life in History

Chapter 10

The Residence of the Twelfth Imam

The Story about the Countries that Belong to the Sons of the Imam

Jazira Khadra' (The Evergreen Island)

When Will He Appear?

The Signs of His Appearance

The Story of Sufyani

The Story of Dajjal

Chapter 11

The Minds of the People Prepare for the Advent of the Mahdi

The Final Victory of the Downtrodden (mustad'afin)

Why Does the Mahdi Not Appear?

Another Reason for the Delay in the Appearance of the Mahdi

Chapter 12

How Will the Imam Know That the Time for the Appearance (Zuhur) Has Come?

The Preparation for the Emergence Will Take Place Overnight

Awaiting Deliverance through the Appearance of the Imam

Investigation into the Traditions against the Rise (qiyam)

Governance within Religion

The Obligation to Command the Good and Forbid the Evil

Concluding Remarks

The Prophet as the Leader of the Muslims

Islamic Governance after the Prophet

'Ali b. Abi Talib, the Designated Caliph of the Prophet of God

Islamic Governance during the Period of Occultation

The Obligations of Muslims during the Occultation

Chapter 13

Further Investigation in the Hadith-Reports

First Group of Traditions

Second Group of Traditions

Third Group of Traditions

Fourth Group of Traditions

Conclusions of the Discussion

Chapter 14

The Signs of the Appearance (Zuhur) of the Mahdi

The Destiny of the Unbelievers

The Destiny of Jews and Christians

Will the Majority of the Peoples on the Earth Be Killed?

The Teachings of Islam Will Be Proclaimed to the World from Qumm

"Your Enemies Will Destroy Each Other"

War Is Inevitable

The Mahdi's Defense

The World under the Mahdi

The Victory of the Prophets

The Mahdi and the New Constitution

The Conduct of the Mahdi

The Freshness of the Explanations Offered by the Mahdi

The Mahdi and Abrogation of the Ordinances

Is It Not Possible that the Mahdi Has Already Appeared?

Sayyid 'Ali Muhammad Shirazi, "the Bab"

Sayyid 'Ali Muhammad's Acknowledgement of the Hidden Imam's Existence

Sayyid 'Ali Muhammad and the Traditions about Fixing of the Time

What Do the Sayyid's Followers Say?

The Bayan and Messianic Claim

False Claims and the Existence of a Followership