The Qur'an in Islam

Its Impact and Influence on the Life of Muslims

- Acknowledgements

- Foreword

- Introduction

1) The Value of the Qur'an in the Eyes of the Muslims

-The Qur'an Contains a Pattern of a Complete Way of Life for Man

-The Qur'an as a Document of Prophethood

2) The Teachings of the Qur'an

-The Universal Import of the Qur'an

-The Perfection of the Qur'an

-The Eternal Quality of the  Qur'an

-The Qur'an as a  Self-Contained Proof

-The Inner and Outer  Dimensions of the  Qur'an

-The Wisdom Contained in  the Two Facets of the  Qur'an: The Inner and the Outer 

-The Two Kinds of  Qur'anic Verses: The  Explicit and the Implicit

-The meanings of the  Explicit and the Implicit  Verses, According to  the Commentators and  Scholars 

-The Method of Guidance and Explanation used in  the Rest of the Qur'an

-The Commentary of the  Imams of the Prophet's Family concerning the Explicit and the Implicit Verses

-The Qur'an Possesses Revelation and Exegesis

-The Meaning of Exegesis, According to the Commentators and Scholars

-The Meaning of Exegesis in the Tradition of the Qur'anic Sciences 

-The existence of Abrogating and Abrogated Verses in the Qur'an

-Applicability and Validity of the Qur'an

-Qur'anic Commentary: Its Advent and Development

-The Science of Qur'anic Commentary and the Different Groups of Commentators

-The Methods Used by  the Shi'ite Commentators and their Different Groupings

-How Does the Qur'an Lend Itself to Interpretation?


-An Example of Commentary on the Qur'an with the Aid of the Qur'an

-The Validity of the Commentary of the Prophet and the Imams

3) The Revelation of the Qur'an

-General Beliefs of Muslims concerning the Revelation of the Qur'an

-The View of Contemporary Non-Muslim Writers concerning the Revelation and Prophecy

-What the Qur'an Itself Says concerning this Matter

-Divine Revelation

-The Angel Gabriel

-The Angels and the Devils

-The Call of Conscience

-The Reality of the Prophet's Mission

-What the Qur'an says about the Meaning of Revelation and Prophecy

-Man's Innate Nature

-Man's Path in Traversing the Road of Life

-Man as a Social Being

-The Manifestation of Social Differences and the Necessity of Law

-The Intellect is not Sufficient in Guiding Man towards Respect of the Law

-The Only Way to Guidance is that of Revelation

-Some Questions Answered

-The Path of Revelation is Protected Against  Mistakes

-The Hidden Reality of  Revelation

-How the Qur'an was Revealed

4) The Relationship of the Qur'an to the Sciences

-Praise of Knowledge and the Stimulation of the Desire to Study

-The Sciences which the Qur'an Invites Men to Study

-The Sciences Particular to the Study of the Qur'an

-The Sciences which Developed because of  the Qur'an

5) The Order of the Qur'an's Revelation and the Growth of the Qur'anic Sciences

-The Order in which the  Verses of the Qur'an were Revealed

-Conclusions to be Drawn

-The Reasons for the Revelations

-The Method Used in Describing "The Reasons for the Revelations"

-Further Traditions Concerning the Order and Place of Revelation of the Chapters

-The Gathering of the Qur'an into One Volume ( Before the Death of the Prophet )

-After the Death of the Prophet

-The Importance of Muslims Attached to the Qur'an

-The Qur'an is Protected from any Alteration

-The Recitation, Memorization and Transmission of the Qur'an

-The Different Groups of Reciters

-The Seven Reciters

-The Number of Verses in the Qur'an

-The Names of the Chapters

-Calligraphy, Orthography and Diacritical Marks Used in the Qur'an

The Qur'an in Islam

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