The Islamic Family Structure

 نظام خانواده در اسلام

Author: Husayn Ansarian
Translator: Ms. Lisa Zaynab Morgan & Dr. Ali Peiravi
Editor: S. S. Arjmand
Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum
First Edition 2000 – 1421 - 1379
Printer Sadr
Copies: 2000
ISBN: 964-438-175-0
Size: C5
Number of pages: 248

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Table of Contents


Author's Preface

Translators’ Forward

The Principle of Marriage in the Cosmos

    The System of Joining and Coupling in Inanimate Objects

    The System of Plant Symbiosis

    The Pistil


    The System of Animal Copulation and Reproduction

    Man and Marriage

    Let's Be Lenient in Making Preparations for Marriage

    Traditions on the Value and Importance of Marriage

Divine Virtues in the Family and Society

    True Concept of Piety

    Piety and Its Praiseworthy Degrees

    Hajji Sabzevary and Moderation

    Luxury-Loving and Wastefulness

    Let's Invite Each Other to Piety

    Signs of the Pious

    A Pious Man and Wife

    Exemplary Shopkeeper

The Lofty Goals Behind Marriage in Islam

    An Honorable Household

    The Worst People

    The Blooming of Talents

    Striving for the Well-Being of the Household and Home

    Establish the Loftiest Goal for Marriage

    The Family Structure in the West

Woman’s Position in Human History and Islam

    Mental Deviation of Corrupt Men Regarding Women

    Islam's Response to the Corrupt Men's Mental Deviations Regarding Women

    Another Look at History Regarding Women’s Life and Status


Man’s and Woman’s Independence in Islam

    Human Freedom and Independence

    A Strange Story About Freedom

    An Important Matter

    A Dignified and Worthy Spouse

    One's Independence in Marriage

Woman’s Status in the Logic of Revelation

    God's Pure Religion

    The Supplication of the Divine Prophets for God's Sovereignty and Mercy

    The Grand Status of Worshipping God

    Woman in the Logic of Revelation

    Intellect and Lust as Measures for Prosperity or Misery

Obstacles to Marriage

    Strictness in Marriage

    Use Your Own Case to Judge for Others

    Haughtiness is a Satanic Attribute

    An Amazing Story about Leniency in Marriage

    Perils of Keeping up With the Joneses

    Expensive Nuptial Gift

    The Quran as a Nuptial Gift

The Divine and Islamic Conditions for Marriage

    Religion and Piety

    Being Matched

    Imam Sajjad's Views on Being Matched

    Those Whom You Should not Let Your Daughters Marry

    Do not Marry Such Women

How to Choose a Spouse

    The Evil-Doer is Deprived of God's Mercy

    The Path to Perfection

    How to Choose a Spouse in Islam

    An Amazing Story

    Islamic and Humane Conditions in Choosing a Spouse

Islam’s Original Plans for Marriage

    Marriage Negotiations

    The Necessity to Pay the Nuptial Gift

    The Wedding Trousseau


    A Divine, Spiritual Model for the Wedding Trousseau

    Praying at the Wedding Threshold

    The Time and Etiquette for Wedding

    Nuptial Night Customs

Hygiene in the Family Structure

    The Worth of Cleanliness and Hygiene in Islam

    Oral and Dental Hygiene

    Orderliness and Hygiene in Food

    The Harms of Overeating

    An Educational Story

Islamic Ethics in the Family Structure

    The Value of Good Morality

    Love and its Expression

    Lowering Expectations








The Modest Covering and Woman’s Chasteness

    A Surprising Fact

    The View of Some Eminent Westerners in Regards to the Situation of Western Society

    A Case From Imam Husayn’s Life (Pbuh)

    Veil and Dirty Looks in the Vierw of the Quran

    Who Can See Women as Stated by the Quran

Security in Life

    The Good and the Bad

    Ignorance and Illiteracy

    Knowledge and Wisdom

    The Heart is the Source of Truth

    Torture in the Expanse of the Hereafter

    Good Mothers and Fathers

The Aspects of Virtue in the Family

    The Sincerity of One's Intentions

    The Peak of Sincere Intention


    A Surprising Example of Sincerity

    Piety and Justice

    The Manifestations of Virtue in the Family

    A Virtuous Countenance

    An Instructive Story

    An Amazing Event

The Material Issues of the House and the Family

    The Virtues and Vices of Wealth

    The Forbidden and the Unforbidden

    Don't Deprive Yourself of the Lawful Things

    Provide Your Family's Needs Through Lawful Means

    The Prophet of Islam and Lawfully Obtained Food

    How to Increase One's Daily Bread

    Unlawful Property

    One Who Repents is Loved by God

The Principles of Spirituality in the Family

    Spiritual Blessings





    Religious Scholars


Responsibilities of the Head of the Household

    Protect Yourself and Your Family From the Fire of Hell

    A Scented Heaven

    Four Important Duties

The Rights of Wives and Husbands in Islam

    An Outlook on Family Rights

    The Rights of the Husband

    The Rights of the Duties


    The Period of Pregnancy

    Duties During Pregnancy


    New-Born Clothing

    The First Food for the Baby


    Adhan and Iqamah (The general call to prayer and the specific one):

    Childbirth Etiquette

    Mother's Milk


Raising Children in Islam

    The Position and Worth of Children 189

    Love for children

    Kissing the Children

The Worth of Raising a Daughter in Islam

    God's Will in Granting a Child

    Highly Important Traditions Regarding Raising a Daughter

The Role of the Mother in Child Rearing

    A Child as the Result of a Mother's Efforts

    The Fruit of the Garden of Purity

    My Mother Ruined My Life

    Sometimes Worshipping Diminishes

    A Bright Marriage

    Sheik Shooshtary's Mother

    The Effect of Physical and Spiritual Purity in Upbringing

The Role of the Father in Child Rearing

    Consider the Following Four Facts

    The Commander of the Faithful Cried

    People of Torture

    An Amazing Point Regarding the Mother of HajjSheik Fazlollah Noory

    Youth Beware

    Deviated Fathers and the Children's Duties

    A Noble Father

    Bad Fathers and Good Children

    A Distinguished Father

    Ali Akbar Will Not be Raised With Forbidden Food

The Rights of the Children

    The Path to Prosperity

    Children’s Rights

    The Effects of Lawfully or Unlawfully Obtained Food

    Sheik Zahed

    A Good Memory


    A Note to Parents

The Rights of the Parents

    A Heavy Burden

    An Amazing Point

    A Delicate Issue

    Traditions Regarding Parent's Rights

    Zacharias Serves His Parents

    Sheik Ansari and His Mother

    Mother's Damnation

A Couple’s Duties to Their Relatives


Observing the Relations of the Womb

    The Quran and Visiting Relatives

    A Good Plan

    An Amazing Story

    Traditions About Visiting Relatives

    Traditions About Cutting Off Relations

Prosperity or Ruin of a Family

    Prosperity or Ruin


    Being Kind



    Protection of the Family from Accusations

    Honoring One's Oath



    Kindness to Younger Ones and Respecting the Elders


    Cause of Getting Ruined

Divorce and Inheritance

    Divorce is Despised

    Causes for Divorce



    A Lesson

    Divorce as Viewed by Quran

    Termination of Life